Frisco Coachline provided us with our bus needs during our annual reunion of WWII veterans. We used them for two days and two separate outings. Not only were they on time, but they actually arrived about 15 minutes early. The buses were beautiful with leather interior and extremely comfortable. The drivers were very professional and courteous at all times.

Ellen Peters, 505th RCT & 508th PIR Assns

I am a corporate event planner and have used Frisco Coachline for many of our local office events. They have always been very friendly and prompt. This last weekend was my daughter’s wedding. Frisco Coachline provided one large charter bus and one mini-bus to get all of our guests from hotel to venue and back safely. I changed the itinerary 3 different times and Az patiently worked with me. He made suggestions to make sure the exact schedule we needed was perfectly planned out. The two drivers were sharp and on task the whole night. They kindly turned around when
1/2 dozen guests were late and missed the bus and still made it to the venue on time. The buses were clean inside and out making a great impression on our guests. Thank you Frisco Coachlines for making everything easy on this Mother of the Bride! Linda

Mother of the Bride

I was very satisfied with my choice of Frisco. The bus drivers were both friendly and accommodating. They were very early as sometimes this is always a little nerve wracking waiting for buses. Thanks again for great service and a great clean bus.


I would like to say that Frisco Coachline was Absolutely on POINT taking our church to Austin Texas. The bus and bathroom was very Clean, the seats were Plush and Comfortable and the Driver was Very Pleasant and used All Safety Measures to ensure that we (the passengers) were Safe at All Times! I would recommend Frisco Coachline to Everyone! In fact we have already booked Frisco Coachline for another trip that will be coming up in the near future. So, if you want to travel to your next destination 1st Class, You need to call Frisco Coachline.. Thank You Frisco Coachline for Everything!!

Freedom Baptist Church

Our Lacrosse Club initially contacted Frisco Coachline through our travel agent, during the process of soliciting several bus transportation bids for our February trip. After the initial contact, I started working directly with Az, at Frisco Coachline, and continue to do so on additional trips. Throughout the contract and trip confirmation process, Az was extremely professional, prompt, and helpful in making us feel comfortable with our decision to use Frisco Coachline. Their pricing was very competitive and their contract documentation was easy to understand and follow. In regard to their buses provided for this trip, our coaches and high school players were overwhelmed with the state-of-the-art, 2016 56-passenger buses. The underneath storage capacity easily handled each teams’ requirements for equipment, food and coolers, and the interiors were spacious enough for each team to thoroughly enjoy their 4+ hour trips to and from. As a result of our experience with this trip, we have already contracted with Frisco Coachline to embark on another similar trip in April. Zack Colburn Director of Lacrosse Operations Highland Park Lacrosse Club

Highland Park Lacrosse Club

Each year, Southern Methodist University takes students on a Pilgrimage throughout the Deep South. We visit 4 states and drive thousands of miles. In the past, we have used other bus chartering companies, which have provided mediocre equipment and services, and this mediocre service is what we initially expected from Frisco Coachline. Boy were we WRONG!
Frisco Coachline sent us a BRAND NEW bus complete with Wifi (that
worked!) and USB plugs. The driver was extremely friendly and kind. We have been doing the Pilgrimage for over ten years now and this is the BEST experience we have had so far with a charter company, and the only company we will use from now on! Frisco has great customer service, and their prices are extremely reasonable. When we booked them again for the upcoming year, it was so easy to set everything up. They were great and got back to us with a quote in less than 24 hours. I cannot recommend them enough! They are very professional and will take care of their customers. Wonderful experience! A+++

Southern Methodist University

I was down in Texas a few weeks back with my baseball team and we were fortunate to have Frisco as our bus company. The busses were very large which was key for us having a lot of college guys on board. The leg room was the best for any bus I’ve ever been on. Our bus driver was also excellent. He always had the bus ready to go 15 minutes before our scheduled departure and was very personable. He would even come into the games and cheer us on, which is not a normal practice, but something that our team really appreciated. I would recommend Frisco to anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They are top of the line from their busses to the employees that work for them!

College Baseball Team

We had a great experience with Frisco Coachlines this past weekend. The drivers were timely, the buses were late models and the entire atmosphere was professional. Our plans are to use Frisco Coachlines at our next opportunity. We highly recommend them for charter service!

High school band