Southern Methodist University

Each year, Southern Methodist University takes students on a Pilgrimage throughout the Deep South. We visit 4 states and drive thousands of miles. In the past, we have used other bus chartering companies, which have provided mediocre equipment and services, and this mediocre service is what we initially expected from Frisco Coachline. Boy were we WRONG!
Frisco Coachline sent us a BRAND NEW bus complete with Wifi (that
worked!) and USB plugs. The driver was extremely friendly and kind. We have been doing the Pilgrimage for over ten years now and this is the BEST experience we have had so far with a charter company, and the only company we will use from now on! Frisco has great customer service, and their prices are extremely reasonable. When we booked them again for the upcoming year, it was so easy to set everything up. They were great and got back to us with a quote in less than 24 hours. I cannot recommend them enough! They are very professional and will take care of their customers. Wonderful experience! A+++